Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sustainability Simplified | NGO's Lists - The confusion, audacity and illegal protectionism!

At times, I cannot believe what I hear or read in this quandary that is the seafood industry. A perfect example: When procuring shrimp, any normal minded chef would review a NGO's (in this case one of the multitude of aquariums out there, lists of what seafood is:

  • Best choice = GREEN
  • Good alternative = YELLOW
  • Do not buy = RED.

Firstly, I find it particularly interesting how one NGO will certify a specific specie as YELLOW, then another NGO classify it GREEN and then a third RED! All the while, we are refering to the same specie of fish caught in the exact same FAO area with this same equipment! I too find it rather comical how one NGO has the man power and audacity to actually blanket all shrimp (and other seafood) from outside of the USA as RED (Do no buy). If this is not a direct form of protectionism, then I am living in the matrix and don't truly exist!

Firstly, I need to digress ... I am not only referring to shrimp but other fish species as well. To make matters worse, these farms are in fact BAP/GAA certified farms, which is a globally recognized assessment and certification denoting: BEST AQUACULTURE PRACTICES.

It is absurdity at its highest, as now a chef that pulls out his Phone or relevant NGO website and scans through his options realizes he can't buy anything imported from those farms outside the USA, he/she will need to source from USA supply lines. One can only hope the US shrimp farms can produce enough shrimp to supply the unsustainable demand of the US consumer, all 300 million of them!

(A hint if you are wondering, it is absolutely impossible for the USA to currently produce enough shrimp to satisfy current levels of demand. This is a verifiable statistic and goes for just about all other seafood items)

These red and yellow lists are killing small farms and other sources of sustainable supply, literally choking them off before they get to market. This, given the population growth and starvation in the world is simply unacceptable and almost criminal to a certain extent, yet they continue on as if they are the authority in the industry and are truly protecting the oceans. I cannot tell you how far from the truth this is. I have it on good accord, that some of these NGO's actually promote specific vendors or companies and force the market to only use what they deem as sustainable and can supply OR they will turn their backs to them. This is not an unbiased objective way at looking at things ...

NGO's should be allowed to post only 1 list, thats right ONE. This would be a GREEN list of species they advise people to eat. You cannot justify your claims that seafood from the far reaches of the world are in fact not sustainable.

Please let us in on your secret into how you are these omnipotent advisory figures that can determine the fish stocks and every farming technique used from all corners of the planet. This is an incredible feat, you are essentially in a league of your own given that organizations such as WWF, FAO and UN are still unable to do this ... simply WOW!


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